UNITING CHURCH Governance Documents

Basis of Union, Constitution and Regulations, Manual for Meetings, etc. 

Presbytery Policies

Strategic Plan

The Strategic Plan is a working document, agreed by the Presbytery and monitored by the Standing Committee to ensure we are making satisfactory progress in our agreed mission. Updates are made regularly after Standing Committee meetings.

Governance Manual

Prepared by David Hay, Ted Woodley and others during and after the transition to a new presbytery, 2016. Note also the  Conflict of interest guidelines.

Zones in SCCP

Policy on Zones was adopted by Consensus at the Presbytery meeting of October 26, 2016 

Faith Communities in SCCP

Why and how will the SCCP establish Faith Communities? How will they be supported and overseen? Click on the heading to read the Policy on Faith Communities in SCCP.