Ministry Committee

The Ministry Committee serves in the selection, pastoral care and oversight of candidates for the specified ministries of the Church, including

  • Ministry of the Word and Ministry of Deacon
  • Lay Preacher
  • Ministry of Pastor

As a sub-committee of the Pastoral Relations Committee, MiniCom has the responsibility on behalf of the whole Presbytery, for the careful, sensitive and confidential discernment of ministry vocations and capability. We interview, advise, work alongside those members who have completed their Period of Discernment (POD) and have been recommended by their Zone and Church Council for one of the specified ministries named above.  


The MiniCom has a core membership, currently including:

Rev. Patty Lawrence
Carol Mason
Willoughby and Northbridge Uniting Church
Nicole Robinson
Gordon Pymble Uniting Church

Robyn Harvey
Boronia Park Uniting Church


These members will be supplemented by others from the Presbytery who serve on Discernment Panels as needed. 


Ministry Committee Charter

Mandate and Regulations

Policies and Resources

Am I being called to a Ministry in the Church?

How to apply for a ministry in the church?

What are the steps for candidating?

Learning to proclaim the Good News of Christ

For those in preparation for Ordained Ministries and for the Presbytery Members working with them... 

United Theological College